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With your help, we can build a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

About us

Naam Vidhaikalam started in the year 2019. The Head office is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Naam Vidhaikalam, promises to withhold it’s name, and envisions to sow a movement of peace and harmony in our society. We commit towards the empowerment of the children, youth and underprivileged in and around Chennai. With a team of hardworking, enthusiastic , like minded members,we have been able to engage successfully in a number of projects for the upliftment of the vulnerable throughout the city. We have also initiated several measures to ensure the protection and sustainability of our Nature. We believe , the small step we take today, will make a huge difference tomorrow. Naam Vidhaikalam’s motto “IF YOU NEED THE CHANGE, BE THE CHANGE”, is what inspires our team and volunteers. We want to leave behind our footprints in the sands of time for future generations to join this movement .



A Food Donation Campaign, Enjoy the joy of happiness through sharing.


A Creative Wall Painting Program focuses on setting values, morals and awareness through paintings.


Education camps and micro activities for school students to empower them.


A Initiative to secure the local and global natural resources in and around us to have a sustainable future. 


Helping people around us to overcome stress, anxiety and other personal insecurities by conduction counselling sessions and other activities.


Educating the society through sharing human rights, law and other social responsibilities by conducting various programs. 


An Special Taskforce Activity to help people to recover over a natural catastrophe by offering common life essentials like food, clothing, groceries and also financially.


Empowering women community by conducting events on women entrepreneurship and skill development programs.


To achieve significant, measurable improvements in mental health – especially among young people and children.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” We work in the fields of childhood development, education, and other aspects of the education sector.


We initiate a youth support group program to ignite the minds of the youngsters with strength, support and hope. The core objective of the program is to promote mental well-being and prevent suicide among young people. We strongly believe it is crucial to create a safe space for the youngsters to vent out their emotions where acceptance and empathy are accessible.


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Joy of Giving

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Awareness Campaign

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Impact Stories

My journey of one and a half years in Naam Vidhaikalam has been tremendous. I've grown more independent and also feel empowered ! As the motto of the Organization goes, I can admit that we are the change makers today ! We have taken the step and I'm proud to be a part of this wonderful team !

Naam Vidhaikalam is one of the trusted Organizations. With a team of such enthusiastic youth, we continue serving the underprivileged and working towards the betterment of children. With the several projects we have taken up, the one that has touched my heart and that I feel close to , is the Rs.63 Project. To feed the needy. I know I have become a better person and grown with the team in my time here .

A more passionate social worker (founder & president of Naam vidaikalam - Ms.Monisha Balamurugan) who is completely dedicated for the community's development, taking all efforts for the welfare of the society.

A better place for volunteers and interns for developing their knowledge in community service. As an intern I have gained more inputs and ideas for managing a NGO, Developing networks, Fund raising and community organization.