Youth and mental health

“Mental Health is not a destination, but a process, it`s about how you drive not where you go”

The real health does not depend only on the physical health but also the mental health. The Challenge within us will be also be the challenge to people with us. Naam Vidhaikalam took it as their responsibility to take care of the youth mental health so, we have connected session on “You are not alone” a Mental Health awareness campaign in various schools and Colleges around Chennai. We have launched a awareness on Suicide Prevention “You are not alone”(Short Film) and published in social media, Also Naam Vidhaikalam joined hands with AGAM FOUNDATION which is a separate institute which looks upon the mental health and the challenges faced by the youth. Naam Vidhaikalam coordinated with Agam foundation and conducted many virtual sessions on the topic of mental health and their importance through the way of storytelling, counselling with the pyschiartist etc.Naam Vidhaikalam also conducted a separate panel of discussion about youth & mental health through elevate 2020 to empower youth. `