63rs Project

“The real happiness is being happy by giving”

63 RS PROJECT has been one of the major projects undertaken by the team Naam Vidhaikalam. The aim of this project is to feed the needy. A small contribution of 63rs can feed a starving stomach. People can contribute any desired amount of their choice. It can be from a general public, maybe a students who is will to spare a little from his/her pocket money etc,…
Every month end the food will be distributed to the needy people by Students and youngsters around Chennai.
In this program, anyone can volunteers to join and feed the starving stomach.
Our volunteers also listen and talk to those people while distributing because it’s not only food we sharing but it’s the ‘JOY’ that we spread throughout our 63 PROJECT.
As we joined our hands in feeding the needy people through 63PROJECT, many have been benefitted. With this 63 RS PROJECT, our Naam Vidhaikalam volunteers had the chance of knowing about people’s life and their stories really gave a great impact in the view of our lives too. It is our way of serving “humanity” the right meal!